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Terraform Ally: Watchdog :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 1 0 Wet Suckers :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 7 6 Escalators, escalators, escalators....eels :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 6 3 The Wanderer :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 3 0 Arachnophobic Radial :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 2 0 Beautifully Dangerous Tribal Art :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 0 0 Terraform Villain: Livewire :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 3 0 Gym Leader Nina :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 1 0 Must...catch...FAIRIES!!! :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 1 0 Terraform: Unmasked and Aftershock :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 1 2 Hey a Pokeball...OHGOD! :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 16 6 Terraform :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 2 0 It's A Bird! It's a Plane! No it's a...Pokemon? :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 2 0 Be Careful What You Wish For... :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 3 4 Pokemon Professor Sakura :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 3 2 We Sell Propane and Propane Accessories :iconmattssacre97:mattssacre97 3 8


Soul-stealing 7 star strike :iconjwnutz:JWNutz 35 4 MegaLedian :iconerporygatto:ErPorygatto 10 1 Team Gavel Commission by (Dragonestea) :iconcaptain-gamma:CAPTAIN-GAMMA 31 15 052 Gummeal :iconmalamarvellous:Malamarvellous 45 10 Rapidfire :iconawrowland:AWRowland 21 20 Impact :iconawrowland:AWRowland 15 6 Donna Limber - Samurai Jack Style! :icondracodragite:DracoDragite 104 32 Pokemon icons :iconjwnutz:JWNutz 87 8 Sleepycabin :iconmcdonaldbros:McDonaldbros 2 1 Can you feel the friction? :icontemper07:Temper07 19 0 Fantastic City (Commissioned by Neon Arcade) :iconcaptain-gamma:CAPTAIN-GAMMA 20 12 Toonman Villain: Animeson :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 38 46 Noir Villain: Spellman :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 14 9 Noir :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 41 56 Toonman Villain: Pop' Cicle :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 24 27 Toonman Villain: Sugar Highness :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 11 6



Terraform Ally: Watchdog
Hey guys! A new Terraform character has entered the fray and it happens to be the one that pushed Andre to become Terraform. Here is the Wandering Wolf, Watchdog!

Not much can be said about Watchdog's past. What is known is that he's been at it for a long time, he's hardly ever stays in one place for more than a few weeks and he's what many describe as a vigilante. He wanders the world, helping where a hero seems to be needed. Watchdog may be a bit rough around the edges but he does care about the well being of the youth around him. When leaving an area, he will find and train one or more rising heroes to protect the area in his wake. After coming upon Maleford and taking down heists and gang wars alike, Watchdog saw Aftershock killing off the gang members and ended up being challenged by him. He kicked Aftershock's ass and convinced him to promise that he'd become something better than the trash he was. He was the man that influenced Andre to become Terraform. After that, he left, as usual.

-Personal Gravity Field
--Enhanced Strength and Durability
--Flight and Enhanced Jump
--Attraction and Repulsion
--Can make enemies heavier or lighter through touch, immobilizing them or forcing them to fly higher with an attack, falling hard once gravity returns to them.

Well how do you guys like him? While not playing a much bigger role in Terraform's story, he still played the important part of scaring our main protagonist straight into heroism, giving him a change of heart. And who knows, maybe he'll play another important role later on? ;) Anyway, hope you all like and feedback is appreciated!
Wet Suckers
Hey dudes! Here's the version exclusive equivalent to my last Pokemon, Eleceel. Of Topaz Force, here is the Bleech line. Hope you all enjoy and feedback is appreciated :)

046-Bleech (Blood-Leech)
The Leech Pokemon
Bloodlust*/Swift Swim
Evolves into Vamprey at Level 37
Description: Bleech are mostly found in lakes and rivers where they can be found in various sizes. They feed on the blood of anything they can latch onto and use venom to numb and keep the blood flowing. Specialists are studying the venom for medical use.

047-Vamprey (Vampire-Lamprey)
The Blood Feast Pokemon
Bloodlust*/Swift Swim
Description: Vamprey are much larger than their previous form and are also more vicious. As some stay latched on to drink their prey's blood, some will tear off bits to feed on with their large, scraping fangs. Vamprey can cause deep wounds and bruises to Pokemon and trainers alike while trying to feed.

*Increases the power of health draining moves (Leech Life, Giga Drain, etc.) and they take more health.
Escalators, escalators, escalators....eels
Hey guys! Got a new fakemon in store for you all. It's a version exclusive of my region that will be in the Opal Magic version. I'll post the other one soon. Anyway, here are Eleceel and Rivenzon, based on moray and electric eels. Hope you all enjoy and feedback is welcomed/appreciated.

044-Eleceel (Electric-Eel)
The Volt Eel Pokemon
Static/Swift Swim
Evolves into Rivenzon at Level 37
Description: Eleceel hide in holes and crevices underwater, detecting other Pokemon that swim by with its incredible sense of smell. Once it pinpoints its prey, Eleceel attacks by surprise, using its powerful jaws and electrical charge.

045-Rivenzon (Amazon River)
The Current Eel Pokemon
Static/Swift Swim
Description: this Pokemon is highly aggressive and difficult to train. With its huge size and electrical power, Rivenzon sometimes leave trails of stunned Pokemon, and sometimes people, when hunting or threatened.
The Wanderer
Hey guys! Here is one of three designs that I made for 2D design class. This one is for asymmetry. I won't explain much for this one. Let your imagination fill in the blanks ;D
Arachnophobic Radial
Hey guys! Here is one of three design that I made for 2D design class. This one is for radial symmetry. It's a web with a spooky spider hanging out in the middle.
Hey there fellow artists and creators. The name's mattssacre97 (at least for now) and I joined here to share my drawings with a community of artists that I've watched for years now. I draw, write stories and use both to express said stories. I enjoy cartoons and comics of various types. I wish to be a comic book artist and creator someday and I figure showing my art to the world is a good step forward. Also I would love to communicate with those who have similar interests and different art styles. :D


United States
I'm just a dude that likes to draw, write stories and create.
I hope to ba a comic book artist and creator someday like the mighty Marvel and DC franchises.
I'm also into stuff like Avatar, Pokemon, RWBY, Steven Universe etc. (So I'm a cartoon nerd if you couldn't tell lol)
Other than comics and cartoons, I like rock music, pizza and bouncing ideas off of other artists/writers/creators/demon summoners.....I mean artists :D


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